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Aciateam Workshops Album 1

Some of the few captured scenes from our workshop exercises. After my tenure in ABS-CBN in 2008 as corporate and talent employee, I had planned to pursue my college goal of becoming an exec. in an industry, awaayyyy from showbiz. Growing-up in a household with mom, dad, bro and their friends all from showbiz was reason enough to want to try something different. As fate would have it, I landed in showbiz. It's been some 22 years of training and molding artists, celebs and confidential public personalities, including overseeing the training of thousands of newbies and hopefuls. I was at the "been there, done that" stage. Or maybe i was just burnt-out. Year 2009 was my first year of rest, recharge and giving-in to my adventurous spirit. But by 2010, i was back in school for a Diploma in HR and with only 1 subject to go for my Diploma in OD. It was to strengthen my educational track in business (BS MGT., MBA and MKTG.). By the 4th Qtr of 2010, I was coaching and mentoring private clients and showbiz friends. One thing led to another and by 2011, i was back to mentoring showbiz clients, their children and some confi clientele. Hmmm... seems like i'm drawn back to the same field, in the same industry... again?! Oh my... I have more to share. The training perspective is from a globally competitive standard and of course, to be achieved in the shortest possible time. Cost efficiency. So us... so Noyps... = )