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Teaching, Coaching, Mentoring is a Mission driven by a Passion

Parents, trainers and friends have always asked where i get the patience to draw out whatever is inside every student and the diligence to journey with them. They ask where i get the tolerance for students with attention deficit issues, real bad attitude, immature, stubborn and feeling "know it all". I guess, it all starts from within... At the CORE of my HEART is the PASSION that drives the MISSION. The PASSION to help draw-out GOD'S gift of inner beauty and talent. That passion drives the MISSION to teach, coach, mentor, hone and polish to brilliance. To see them shine with THEIR innate talents and beauty glowing from within. To plant the seed of learning, skills enhancement and empowerment. To nurture the confidence, promote good values, instill work ethics and self-discipline that is essential to character formation. To journey with them even if it takes BABY STEPS at a time. To be there for them MOST especially at DIFFICULT TIMES. To lend a hand when they fall, to comfort when hurting, to coach to success and to support them all the way to achieving a better self, living a better life... for a better future. This is my tithing. This is the LEGACY that i leave behind.