Claudine Barretto

When you first meet her, you get that impression that she is engaging, very charming and confident. As the conversation 

progresses, you feel her sincerity. She is very transparent.

She engages you in conversation as if she’s known you for some time. She endows you with a degree of trust, belief in your sincerity and good character. 

The martyr roles she portrays often rubs on in her real life. Claude would rather give way or give in. A conscious choice she makes because she would rather endure the hurt to quiet things down than be the cause of someone else's pain and suffering. 

A caveat! Before you get the impression that Claudine is too gullible... Claude as I fondly call her or Clau, a term of endearment to many, may at times be too trusting to a fault, but silly or “uto uto” she is not! Claude has a good sense of basic human rights, the law, she has sound values most especially on what is just and fair. She may allow you to pull a fast one or she may give-in, but that does not mean she is not aware of what is happening. At that point, Claude simply chooses to be more tolerant, understanding and giving.

Claudine like most powerful and successful actors is a sensorial and logical being. Meaning, she has both strong emotional quotient and logical smartness. Claude may be trusting and giving… but like anyone, she too has a tipping point. 

Private moments with Claudine Barretto. She has always been “antsy” about workshops. She says unlike characters she portrays for projects, in the workshops, all that is needed is yourself… bare… unmasked… from the core. To reveal, expose and confront oneself is not as easy as it sounds. Those who are familiar with constructive comments and personal coaching know that confronting and dealing with hurts, personal limitations, restrictions, certain beliefs, and pushing oneself to change, to fit the part, to excel, to become... is no easy task. One may think, what has “acting” got to do with it? The answer… EVERYTHING. 

Acting for film and television requires real, truthful acting. Once the camera moves in for a close-up, all is revealed. Acting is seen in the eyes. The eyes are windows to the soul. It shows what is and isn’t real and true. Claudine always draws her acting from the core. From a point of truth deep way deep within. Her 8 Best Actress Awards even before she turned 30 years old proves she has given so much of herself and with that, she has earned the respect of acting critiques and fans. Humility amidst success. That is Claudine.

What made Claudine so effective in her craft? As governor Vilma Santos said in an interview, “Acting is a process that must be continually honed and developed. Kailangan continious ang pag-grow". That is Claudine. Always yearning for growth, self development and improvement in her craft as well as anything that she deems essential, or that interests her. She is a lifelong learner. She is internally driven to do better at anything she sets her mind on the next time around. That is Claudine.

The real Claudine is extremely caring, very “malambing”, kind, generous and sincere. She is very protective and fights for her friends. If you have a friend like Claudine, then you'll know the blessings of having a true friend at all times. All you need is one friend like Claudine. She is a woman of character and conviction. She knows where she stands on any issue, grounded on principles that is anchored on her faith and values. She pampers those she loves with love. That is Claudine.

She is a class on her own. A real person, beautiful inside out, a life long learner, good friend and of course, an actress par excellence. That is Claudine Barretto.