Heart Evangelista

Everyone! I have gathered questions that I received and I (BEVERLY VERGEL) invited Showbiz Personalities to share their thoughts.  Replies from celebrities will be added as they come. Enjoy the Read!

HEART has been in the industry since age 15.  She has worked as a professional actress, commercial endorser and model. She has had her share of earth shaking trials, challenges and let down that comes along with the prize of fame and success. Through it all, HEART has emerged more resilient, humble, prayerful, appreciative, thankful, smarter and of course… still poised.   

Here are HEART’s thoughts to share: 

To showbiz newbies, hopefuls and dreamers: 

  • Always put GOD first in everything.
  • Always be sincere.
  • Always be yourself
  • Stay humble and true
  • Know who you are and what you want. “I am a little girl with big dreams.”
  • Be a sponge – Absorb as much as you can. Learn from everything and anything.
  • Love what you like about your job and learn to deal with the rest that comes with it. “I love my job!”
  • Fall in love with every character. Give life to it, make them real and know them well.

On motivation and role models:

Get inspired! – An Artist’s creativity flourishes in those magical moments when you are just so inspired.

Choose your icon.

On Acting Depth and Intensity:

Real emotions are the key.

On Dealing with rejections, intrigues and let downs:

It’s a reality that comes with the job. 

Cry a river if you need to, but move-on after that.

I cry to my parents when something goes wrong.

On confidence and aura:

Smile and stay positive and you will definitely shine!

On love and relationships:

I love, love, love…

Friends come and go…. Family stays forever.

Love really makes you feel like your spinning, so pause yourself from time to time, to get your balance.

On living life:

Accept and adjust to whatever life brings.

Surround yourself with good people.

Don’t think about what other people will say.  If you strongly feel the passion, follow your heart, always pray and work on reaching your dreams.