Meg Imperial

At 21 Meg Imperial, like most women have gotten compared to actresses before her. 

So after over a decade in showbiz Meg has worked hard for an identity all her own. The project that launched her was the sexy film “Menor de Edad.” Directed by Joel Lamangan, this gutsy film got the attention of critics and tested her acting prowess. Meg was so dedicated to her role she even became an FHM magazine cover girl beforehand to prep her while building her confidence in her own sex appeal.

In the highly anticipated afternoon TV series “Moon of Desire”, Meg Imperial plays the central character. Giving her the spotlight and acknowledging her status as one of ABS CBNs prized actresses. The story centers around Meg Imperial’s character who has hypertriochosis, a medical condition where she is covered with hair from head to toe. The challenge from sex symbol to ugly girl is a welcome change. Meg even makes a stand about plastic surgery which she foregoes, saying “Kasi nakapasok naman ako ng showbiz ng ganito na ’ko, so, bakit ko pa babaguhin?”

She displays a maturity seldom seen with her age group. On her twitter account her profile reads, “Set your goal high and don’t stop until you get there.” Meg’s lofty ideals have propelled her into the spotlight where she has proven she can do anything she sets her mind to. At 21, there is just that much more waiting for this young actress.